Sterling New Life

Sterling New Life is an affordable housing solution for senior Australians.


Sterling New Life Affording retirement is becoming tougher.

Having assisted both their ageing parents and own children financially, almost one in two baby boomers expect to retire with debt or mortgage. Sterling New Life offers seniors a chance to achieve the comfortable retirement they deserve. 

We're Changing the Way People Retire

Understanding that many older Australians were approaching retirement with limited savings and high levels of debt, Sterling First set out to create a more affordable way of living.
Sterling New Life is an innovative housing solution offering aging Australians an opportunity to resize their accommodation at a fraction of the cost of traditional downsizing. The system has been engineered to allow retirees to remain securely in a property for up to 40 years without the financial burden of weekly rent or ongoing expenses. With savings freed up from reduced housing costs, Sterling New Life residents are able to use surplus funds to settle their mortgage, pay off debts and retire with complete peace of mind. 

Sterling New Life properties are ideally located within existing suburbs across Western Australia, Victoria, and Queensland allowing for an independent and restriction-free lifestyle in retirement.

To learn more about the company’s success

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Investor Information

Leasing an investment property through Sterling New Life commands several unique benefits currently unavailable through traditional renting systems, including:

  • Low vacancy rates; long leases reduce the chances your property will be without a tenant
    Special property management rates; through a partnership with Rental Management Australia
  • Mature tenants; who take care of your property
  • Access to a growing market; with 5.5 million baby boomers set to fully retire by 2020

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