Sterling Income Trust

The Sterling Income Trust (SIT) is a registered managed investment fund established in 2012 and managed by Sterling First


Sterling Income Trust Providing investors with unique exposure into Australia’s residential property market.

Established in 2013, The Sterling Income Trust currently offers two investment opportunities.

Choose to invest through:

  • Income Units, or
  • Growth Units

The Income Units provide investors with exposure to property management agreements, which earn cashflow from the collection of rent on residential properties and some commercial properties. Day-to-day property management is provided by Rental Management Australia, a company affiliated with Sterling First.

The Growth Units provide investors with exposure to the rent roll and property management acquisitions business of Sterling First, which earns fee income from the sale of property management agreements to Rental Management Australia Pty Ltd (“Rental Management Australia”).

Both investment options are suitable for investors looking to invest for five years or longer.

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