About Us

We’re finding better ways for Australians to live.

Founded in 2011, Sterling First is a property and funds management group providing innovative investment and housing solutions for all Australians.

Uniquely combining the two disciplines of property and funds management, Sterling First have pioneered a range of both investment and housing opportunities to suit a variety of different lifestyles and financial standings.

What We Do

A first-of-its-kind company, Sterling First creates diverse income streams for investors whilst simultaneously providing the wider community with better options for living.

Historically, success and security have always been tightly interlinked with home ownership. But with evolving societies, cities and ways of living – this rigid concept of the Australian dream couldn’t hold up in the modern era. Australians needed more sustainable and adaptable housing options that enriched their quality of life and financial circumstance, not inhibited it. It was from this insight that Sterling New Life was brought to life.


Sterling First is a property and funds management group committed to creating betters lives for all Australians through innovative investment opportunities and housing solutions.

Core Business Divisions

Funds Management

Sterling First provides a range of funds management services and investment opportunities including the retail managed investment funds, Sterling Income Trust (SIT)

Retirement Housing

Sterling First has developed a unique and affordable housing solution for Australian seniors wishing to live within the broader community,  Sterling New Life

Rental Management

Sterling First oversees Rental Management Australia – a residential property management company operating in Western Australia, Victoria and Queensland.